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An affiliate program your following will love. Adchill is software to make everyone's Facebook & Instagram ads better. 

**CLOSING December 31, 2018** - All Accounts you activate will be grandfathered into the $97/month and you will receive commsions at that rate as long as they stay a member.

Affiliate Commission Structure-
Direct Referrals - 40%
2nd Tier Referrals - 5%
All commissions paid monthly.

Your commisions are based on the packages below

Adchill Solo Self Serve - $97/mo
*$40 Monthly Commision*

Building a Affiliate Team
Get Paid 5% of All comissions that your team earns.

Refer other affiliates & earn 5% off each of their sale.

Adchill Solo Self Serve - $97/mo
*$5 Monthly Commision*

Bonus 1 - Free Crypto (Chill)-
100,000 per $97 package
Learn more about Chill Here

Optin- 30%
Order Page- 19%
Earnings Per Click = $4.15
How many clicks can you send?

+ We Pay For ALL Retargeting and you will still receive your commission!

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